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Thread Protection Caps

Thread protection caps are available and BSP imperial up to 3½ in sizes m3-m68 they can be used to protect products that are packed together to prevent damage to exposed threads and component surfaces or for protecting threads from contamination


Free Samples
Free samples are available on request. Contact us with the thread size you require protecting and we will despatch samples the same day.


We can also manufacture nut and thread covers such as the one pictured. These are very popular in the oil and gas industry, they are commonly used to keep threads clean and free of contaminates



Thread Protectors

Parallel Wall Thread Protection Caps are available in metric sizes from M3 to M68; we also have a full range of imperial sizes to choose from in a number of different colours and lengths.

Custom thread protectors such as the red one pictured below are made to customers exact requirements, they are competitively priced. Custom thread protectors are available in a number of lengths and styles.

Please call or email our customer advice team on: 01952 585522 or, for advice on the correct product to order for your application.